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How green is your church? Audit questionnaire

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Here is a check-list to assess your church’s starting point around engagement with environmental issues. You can make comments and note ideas and actions to take forward. Read more

Disinvest to reinvest – investing for a just economy

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Date posted: 26 June 2015

Our ‘Disinvest to reinvest’ conference, originally scheduled for 17 October, has been postponed, and will now take place in 2016.

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Sustainable faith: A green gospel for the age of climate change

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Sustainable FaithA short book written by Nicky Bull (Chair of Operation Noah) and Mark McAllister with a foreword by Revd Steve Chalke. Bible-based, this book demonstrates that an important element of 21st-century Christian faith is about engaging with the big challenges of climate change and sustainable living.

This is available to order for £4.99 here.


What’s next? A climate for action

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Nobel Laureate Al Gore delivers a powerful video about what’s next for climate action at the World Economic Forum Annual meeting 2015.

What’s Next? A climate for Action

Your Gospel is Too Small

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A recording of a talk given by Bishop Richard Cheetham (Bishop of Kingston) at the Operation Noah workshop ‘Spirit in action for the climate’ in March 2015.

Your Gospel is Too Small (scroll down page for recording).

Who is my brother or sister?

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Date posted: 22 June 2015

Revd Alex Mabbs, Operation Noah board member, reflects on the papal encyclical on the environment.pope francis encylical

Is that butterfly, struggling to survive because its normal source of food is no longer flowering at the right time in its life-cycle, my brother or sister? What about that Congolese woman crossing the Mediterranean in a fishing boat? It seems to me that this kind of question is at the heart of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato si’. Read more

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