Bright Now: towards fossil free Churches

We believe that Churches need to disinvest from fossil fuel companies if they are to retain their integrity in the face of climate change. Find out about our national campaign Bright Now.

Operation Noah’s disinvestment campaign, Bright Now, was launched on 20th September 2013. You can read more on the Bright Now website and download the report that outlines why this is an urgent issue for Churches.

Governments around the world, including the UK Government, have agreed to keep the rise in average global temperature to below 2ºC. Yet the current level, and annual increase in pollution from fossil fuels, puts us on a trajectory which will far exceed this limit and result in catastrophic damage to the climate system. Continuing to pollute the atmosphere when we know the dangers goes against what we know of God’s ways and God’s will.

Cover of the Bright Now reportIt is estimated that only one fifth of existing reserves of oil, gas and coal owned by fossil fuel companies can safely be burned, if the rise in average global temperature is to remain below 2ºC. (Source: Carbon Tracker Initiative.) Yet fossil fuel companies continue to invest in the exploration and development of new reserves of oil, gas and coal. Most of the large church denominations currently hold substantial investments in fossil fuel companies.

We are convinced that our care for God’s creation must extend to the way in which our churches invest their funds. We expect our churches to demonstrate vision and leadership on this issue and through their investments contribute to the necessary transition to a low carbon future. Therefore, in addition to divesting from fossil fuels, we want churches to be proactive in investing in clean energy alternatives.

Our campaign builds upon Climate Change and the Purposes of God, which calls on the church to realise that care for God’s creation and concern about climate change is foundational to the Christian gospel and central to the church’s mission. It calls us to take urgent action and to change direction.

As Christians we are called to be prophetic, to show leadership, and to inspire hope that this transformation is possible. Operation Noah wants to inspire the church and Christian community in the UK to lead the public debate on the ethics of investment in fossil fuels.

If you would like to be involved or find out more then please contact us.

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