Operation Noah to hold open Zoom meeting to discuss upcoming CofE General Synod

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Date posted: 31 May 2023

Operation Noah will hold an open Zoom call on 20 June at 5.30pm for campaigners to hear about ways to support divestment in the Church of England in the run up to the CofE’s July Synod. The Church of England’s National Investing Bodies have said they will divest from fossil fuel companies not aligned with the Paris Agreement by the end of 2023, though questions remain as to how the CofE will determine compliance as well as when divestment might be announced.

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COP28: The Urgency for Action and How to Get Involved

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Date posted: 23 November 2023

COP28 comes at a crucial moment as scientists say the world must reduce emissions by 42% by 2030 to avoid the most severe impacts of global heating. However, emissions are still going up, with fossil fuel companies planning to increase production. And according to a report out this month from the International Energy Agency, last year fossil fuel companies were responsible for a minuscule 1% of global investment in renewable energy. Here, we discuss what’s at stake as world leaders gather in the UAE and how you can get involved.

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New Trustees Needed: Experience in HR and Fundraising Sought

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Date posted: 11 October 2023

Are you a Christian with a passion for addressing the climate and biodiversity crises – and do you believe the Church has a vital role to play? Operation Noah is looking for new trustees, and we are particularly keen to hear from people who have a background in human resources or fundraising, or with the interest and ability to learn what is needed to be a trustee with responsibility for one of these areas.

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PRESS RELEASE: 400+ Christian Leaders Call on Prime Minister to Stop Rosebank Oil Field

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Date posted: 5 October 2023

In an open letter, 427 Christian leaders – including former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Revd Rowan Williams, and Archbishop of Glasgow, Rt Revd William Nolan – call on PM to stop the Rosebank oil field. The letter says Rosebank ‘will not provide energy security, uphold our obligations to care for our global neighbours or create sustainable jobs fit for the green energy future we need…we do not take a partisan view on Rosebank, we take a moral view. It’s time to show international and moral leadership – and stop Rosebank.’

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July 2023 Newsletter

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Date posted: 12 July 2023

In this month’s newsletter, we share some exciting environmental news from the Church of England General Synod in York, celebrate the decision by the Diocese of York to divest from fossil fuels, look forward to our panel discussion at the Greenbelt Festival, and much more.

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PRESS RELEASE: Operation Noah Reacts to Church of England’s Divestment Announcement

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Date posted: 22 June 2023

‘Operation Noah celebrates the Church of England’s decision to divest from all fossil fuel companies, which we believe should send shockwaves around the world, making it clear that these companies are not operating in good faith and not preparing for the global transition to renewable energy. Overheating the planet and underinvesting in renewables while exploring for new oil and gas against scientific warnings, fossil fuel companies are an increasingly dangerous investment. In fact, a day is fast approaching when oil and gas assets will lose tremendous amounts of value as the world electrifies and decarbonises at pace.’

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PRESS RELEASE: 200+ Church of England clergy, including former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, call for fossil-free pension

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Date posted: 15 June 2023

In an open letter co-sponsored by Revd John Nightingale and Revd Vanessa Conant, hundreds of CofE clergy say divesting clergy pensions from all fossil fuels is ‘a matter of conscience’, citing the ‘deeply unethical’ activities of fossil fuel companies. The letter has been signed by 226 clergy, among them, 10 bishops, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Revd Dr Rowan Williams.

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