Job Opportunity: Fundraising Officer

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Date posted: 21 November 2023

Operation Noah is hiring a self-employed Fundraising Officer for 14 hours a week. The application deadline is Friday 8 December 2023. We are looking for an experienced and motivated person to work alongside the Bright Now Campaign Director to ensure further funding for the Bright Now campaign. The Bright Now campaign encourages UK Churches to divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in climate solutions – working with partners in the UK and globally.

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Watch Again: 2023 Operation Noah Supporters’ Event Featuring Chine McDonald

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Date posted: 24 October 2023

On Saturday 14 October, Operation Noah held our 2023 online Supporters’ Event, with three speakers reflecting on our topic, ‘Somewhere Good: The Climate Crisis and the Prophetic Imagination’. In addition to our three speakers, we also celebrated our recent campaign wins – particularly the decision by the Church of England’s Pensions Board and Church Commissioners to divest from all fossil fuel companies – as well as providing updates on our other campaigns

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Application Deadline Extended: Bright Now Campaign Director Needed

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Date posted: 25 September 2023

Operation Noah is hiring for a Bright Now Campaign Director and has extended the application deadline to Monday 13 November at 5pm. We will begin accepting applications again on Monday 2 October. The Campaign Director position is a full-time role, working 35 hours per week, with an emphasis on encouraging UK Churches to divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in climate solutions.

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Operation Noah to hold open Zoom meeting to discuss upcoming CofE General Synod

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Date posted: 31 May 2023

Operation Noah will hold an open Zoom call on 20 June at 5.30pm for campaigners to hear about ways to support divestment in the Church of England in the run up to the CofE’s July Synod. The Church of England’s National Investing Bodies have said they will divest from fossil fuel companies not aligned with the Paris Agreement by the end of 2023, though questions remain as to how the CofE will determine compliance as well as when divestment might be announced.

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Time is running out: what the IPCC report means for fossil fuels and climate solutions

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Date posted: 27 April 2022

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published its 6th Assessment Working Group III report (‘Mitigation of Climate Change’). In this blog, Bright Now Campaign Officer Sharon Hall explores key findings of the report and what it means for our work on fossil fuels, investment in climate solutions and nature-based solutions.

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Operation Noah Records Episode of Christian Aid’s ‘Walking Humbly’ Lenten Podcast

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Date posted: 7 March 2022

Operation Noah has recorded an episode of ‘Walking Humbly’ – a new Christian Aid podcast for Lent, which released this month. Listen to it here.

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The Church of England’s National Investing Bodies have divested – what difference will it make? We explore the potential national and global impact

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Date posted: 29 June 2023

Given its global prominence, as well as its role as England’s established Church, we think the Church of England declaring no faith in fossil fuels is a potential game changer. Faith groups have now divested from fossil fuels more than any other sector, and as entire segments of society pull back from fossil fuel investments – and particularly as notable institutions like the Church of England divest – it gets more difficult for the fossil fuel industry to position itself as a good-faith actor intent on playing its part in the energy transition. Here, we examine how the CofE’s divestment could positively impact the world.

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PRESS RELEASE: Operation Noah Reacts to Church of England’s Divestment Announcement

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Date posted: 22 June 2023

‘Operation Noah celebrates the Church of England’s decision to divest from all fossil fuel companies, which we believe should send shockwaves around the world, making it clear that these companies are not operating in good faith and not preparing for the global transition to renewable energy. Overheating the planet and underinvesting in renewables while exploring for new oil and gas against scientific warnings, fossil fuel companies are an increasingly dangerous investment. In fact, a day is fast approaching when oil and gas assets will lose tremendous amounts of value as the world electrifies and decarbonises at pace.’

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PRESS RELEASE: 200+ Church of England clergy, including former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, call for fossil-free pension

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Date posted: 15 June 2023

In an open letter co-sponsored by Revd John Nightingale and Revd Vanessa Conant, hundreds of CofE clergy say divesting clergy pensions from all fossil fuels is ‘a matter of conscience’, citing the ‘deeply unethical’ activities of fossil fuel companies. The letter has been signed by 226 clergy, among them, 10 bishops, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Revd Dr Rowan Williams.

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Operation Noah Praises the Church of England for Voting Against Fossil Fuel Company Directors, Urges Divestment

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Date posted: 11 May 2023

Operation Noah has praised the Church of England’s Pensions Board and Church Commissioners for committing to vote against directors of fossil fuel companies in which the CofE still own shares for a lack of climate progress while insisting that divestment will ‘get the attention of investors around the world’.

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‘No Faith in Fossil Fuels’: a Christian pilgrimage of witness

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Date posted: 27 April 2023

On the eve of Earth Day, over a thousand Christians from diverse denominations came together in London for a climate protest against new fossil fuel exploration, particularly in the North Sea, and to call for a transition to a sustainable, just and fossil-free world. The event was a part of ‘The Big One’, a four-day protest organised by Extinction Rebellion and attended by Operation Noah, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Christian Climate Action, CAFOD, A Rocha UK and Green Christian.

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PRESS RELEASE: As Fossil Fuel Companies Explore for New Oil and Gas, People of Faith Announce 31 Divestment Commitments, Urge Other Faith Groups to Divest

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Date posted: 20 April 2023

Led by the UK – where most Christian groups have divested, including over half of all Church of England dioceses – today’s global divestment announcement by 31 faith institutions from six countries comes as grassroots campaigners call on more faith groups to stop funding fossil fuels. Today’s divestment announcement by faith institutions represents well over $2 billion in assets under management.

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