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Christians who care about climate change can bear witness by ensuring they tread lightly on the earth through reducing their consumption and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. But acting on climate change goes beyond what we can do as individuals or as a church to reduce our carbon footprints. It goes right to the heart of our faith and spiritual calling and challenges us to be a prophetic voice for climate justice.

Here are some of the ways in which you can get involved to make a difference.

Get active on Church disinvestment from fossil fuels

We believe that churches need to divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in clean alternatives if they are to retain their integrity in the face of climate change.

Find out how how you can help your church or Christian organisation divest on our Bright Now website.

Lobby your local politicians and MPs

Together with other environment and faith organisations we lobby for energy and climate policy reform in the UK. You can encourage your church congregation or group to take part in specific campaigns. For example, you could engage in letter-writing or hosting an event prior to the next general election to lobby political candidates to make strong commitments to tackle climate change. Further guidance is available at Hope for the Future.

National campaigns

We are part of  the Climate Coalition, a large coalition of over 300 grassroots and national organisations who are active on climate change. We are also official supporters of the Stop Cambo campaign and of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Speak out

There are many ways to inspire others and to help them better understand the issues around Christianity and climate change. You could give a talk at your church, organise an event with a film or guest speaker, organise a climate service or hold a study group on creation care and climate change. We have several resources and briefings to support you in this work. One to mention especially is Tenants of the Kinga Bible-based resource designed to help you and your church consider what the Bible has to say about today’s climate crisis.

Building a network

It is useful to set up a local action group with other like-minded people and to talk with senior church leaders to build support for this work locally. Local networks can help to sustain and nourish our activism and keep our spiritual inspiration alive.

Communicating in other ways

You can write an article for your church news, website or blog; put up an attractive display board about climate change and the work of Operation Noah; help to promote climate change related events; post information on social media; or write a press release about what your church group is doing.


As a small, grassroots organisation we rely on donations from supporters, particularly if you are able to make a regular commitment. Please donate now. You can also help with raising funds by asking your church committee to make a donation or organising a service collection.

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