Our Outreach campaign

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Operation Noah’s Outreach campaign encourages churches and individual Christians throughout the UK to recognise climate justice as a necessary and important concern of contemporary Christian faith.

In particular, the campaign seeks to mobilise Christians to become actively and politically engaged on climate issues, to find common ground, and to find their voice in response to today’s climate crisis.

What does it involve?

Started in 2016, the Outreach campaign works in collaboration with a number of faith-based and secular organisations, combining diverse methods to mobilise positive Christian action on climate justice. At present, this includes:

  • accessible information and educational resources;
  • events and speaking engagements;
  • training for regional campaigners; and
  • innovative research.

What’s the point?

Through this campaign, we seek to demonstrate that climate change is an issue on which Christians can and should speak out, that their voices count, and that speaking out benefits the wider community and society as a whole. We also want to persuade fellow Christians that the climate crisis requires action from all of us, regardless of our background or political position.

The Outreach campaign has five key aims:

  • Persuade Christians of the importance of today’s climate crisis, and their response to it as a necessary, not optional, outworking of Christian faith.
  • Demonstrate the political dimensions and significance of climate change, alongside its social, economic, scientific and theological relevance.
  • Inspire Christians to recognise and harness their respected moral and political voice to lead in confronting today’s climate crisis.
  • Equip Christians with resources, relationships and information to effect positive political change whilst holding authorities to account on climate justice commitments.
  • Catalyse wider activism on climate justice by mobilising the Church to lead by example.

Why now?

All too often, campaigning on climate justice has stressed the importance of individual and local action without promoting political and systemic change. Yet in confronting today’s climate crisis, this is not enough. Instead, a just response to climate change requires widespread change on a national scale shaped by political engagement, pressure and consensus.

In the wake of 2015’s landmark Paris Agreement, many have recognised that far-reaching change is needed to avoid irreversible damage to our societies and shared planet. Such change relies on dedicated government efforts, and an equally dedicated Church: now more than ever, we must come together to speak up for the good of all God’s creation.

What you can do

If you are interested in learning more about this campaign and how you can get involved, we would love to hear from you!

  • Join our contact list for the latest news on Operation Noah, and inspiring examples of Christian environmental action throughout the UK.
  • Host a speaker from Operation Noah in your church or small group. Whatever your background, we would love the opportunity to come and speak with you.
  • Try our resources, which are designed to help you, your small group and your church to explore the Christian basis for climate justice, and the many practical ways we can put faith into practice. We will be launching our new study guide, Tenants of the King, in spring 2018.
  • Train with us to find out how you can effect change that counts – whether locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Contact us by emailing : admin@operationnoah.org.
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