Operation Noah is faith-motivated.

What has the climate crisis got to do with being a Christian?

Operation Noah believes that the likelihood of runaway global warming raises questions that go to the heart of our Christian faith.

We believe that God’s creation is a gift that we have a duty to care for, and that the wellbeing of creation matters to God. We must repent for the damage we have done to the earth and live differently.

We also believe that climate change is about justice, because the poor of the world – those who have done the least to cause it – are already suffering the devastating consequences of the climate crisis. Acting on climate change is about loving our neighbours: that means those in other countries and future generations too.

In 2012, Operation Noah put together a theology think-tank to look at the biblical basis for a Christian view on climate change. The resulting document, Climate change and the purposes of God: a call to the Church, was signed by church leaders from all the major UK denominations.

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