Helping conservative Christians rethink climate change: a new study guide to link faith and environmental action

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Date posted: 29 May 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  Operation Noah, the Christian climate change charity, has launched a new, Christ-centred study guide to help conservative Christians to make the connection between caring for creation and faith. Tenants of the King is one of the first courses on this topic which focuses on New Testament teaching.

While most adults in the UK think that climate change is real and caused primarily by human activity, many Christians don’t yet see this as a faith issue. And for conservative Christians, concern for the future impact of environmental issues tends to be taken less seriously than in other parts of the church.

Tenants of the King aims to fill this gap, helping churches consider together how to respond to a changing climate and related environmental threats. Suitable for study in small church or house groups, it explores the themes through Scripture, testimony and practical application. It includes video reflections from several leading evangelical thinkers: Rt Revd Graham Tomlin (Bishop of Kensington), Revd Mark Melluish (New Wine), Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund) and Dr Justin Thacker (Cliff College).

Operation Noah’s outreach campaigner Stephen Edwards, who contributed to the resource, says: ‘We wanted to provide something for Christians who struggle to see the connection between environmental issues, the teaching of the Bible and their daily walk as Christians. We’ve put together a Bible-based, Jesus-focused study guide which we hope can help communicate environmental issues from a Christian perspective, equipping believers to take confident personal and political action.’

Contributor Ruth Valerio says: ‘We live in an amazing world that God has placed us in and has asked us to look after. As a church we have got a part to play in responding to God’s call. I want to recommend this resource as a way to learn about the calling God has given us to take care of this world.’

Contributor Justin Thacker says: ‘Operation Noah have produced a fantastic resource that will enlarge your heart, inspire your thinking and move you to action. All Christians should engage with this material and be prepared to change. Our world and our God require this.’

Contributor Mark Melluish says: ‘This is a really great resource to help small groups to engage in thinking about our world and our stewardship of this, and how we can make positive changes to care for all that God had given us.’

Tenants of the King will be launched at Operation Noah’s AGM and supporters’ day in London on Saturday 16th June.

Tenants of the King can be ordered online at operationnoah.org/tenants.

Attitudes to climate change in the UK

  • 64% of UK adults think climate change is real and caused primarily by human activity. (ComRes Energy and Climate Change Survey, February 2017)
  • Only 4% of UK practising Christians identified the environment as one of the most important issues facing Britain today (same percentage for evangelicals). (ComRes/Tearfund post-election polling, May 2015)
  • More practising Christians are concerned about the future impact of environmental issues than any other issue: 28% said it was one of the main issues facing the world in the next 10 years (only 19% among evangelicals). (ComRes/Tearfund post-election polling, May 2015)
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