Climate Emergency Toolkit Launched

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Date posted: 28 January 2021

Operation Noah is excited to see the launch of a new Climate Emergency Toolkit for churches and Christian organistations from Tearfund.

As the climate crisis accelerates, millions of lives are at risk. We’re aware of this, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do next to tackle the climate crisis. The new Climate Emergency Toolkit from Tearfund encourages churches to declare a climate emergency and maximise their impact by influencing others around them to take the climate emergency seriously.

The toolkit provides a roadmap for action and brings together lots of brilliant resources from a range of organisations, including Operation Noah, organising them into a clear, manageable journey that any church can take.  What better way to kickstart your creation care in 2021?

Catherine DeSouza, Pastor at Cardiff City Church, speaking about the toolkit said: ‘Climate change wasn’t high up on my agenda…What kicked me into action was recognising that I have a role, we have a role,the church has a role to play in this and we can do something about it.’

Dr Tim Gordon, Marine biologist and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter said: ‘Climate change directly threatens the lives of millions of people. If your church is serious about loving people, it has to be serious about climate change.’ 

In November 2021, world leaders will gather in Glasgow for COP26, critical talks on how to address the climate emergency. Each church that declares or recognises the emergency shines a spotlight on the crisis, underlining its seriousness and the need for world leaders to agree to significant progress during the talks. Together, we can be a prophetic voice for change.

Download the toolkit

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