Operation Noah joins call for 10-point plan to get UK to net-zero

Operation Noah is one of 70 organisations who have, today, launched a 10 -point plan designed to get the UK on track to net-zero emissions whilst also showing global leadership ahead of hosting the United National climate summit, also known as COP26, this time next year.

Last month the Prime Minister confirmed that the government will take action to achieve 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, more than enough to power every home in the UK. This was set out as the first point of a 10-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’. The full plan will be laid out before the end of this year. In the meantime, a number of NGOs working on climate change has set out our own 10-Point Plan.

The ten points include the UK taking on its fair share of effort to keep global temperatures rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, investing in domestic energy efficiency and heat pumps which will help us move away from using gas to heat homes, fully decarbonising our power system and ambitious targets for nature restoration. All ten points are set out in this document.

The time to act is now

Actions taken now by governments to respond to the current health crisis and rebuild our economy will have an impact for generations to come. Decisions taken today will determine whether we succeed in our goal to protect the people, places and life we love from the climate crisis. We can limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, halt and reverse the decline of nature and eradicate poverty, or we can lock in pollution and inequality for generations.

Next year the eyes of the world will be on the UK as it hosts the UN Climate Summit, COP26. This is an opportunity to deliver a strong global lead on climate action. The best way to show this leadership is to put resilience at the heart of our economic recovery by accelerating the transition to net-zero, restoring nature and supporting the most vulnerable at home and overseas.

The 10-point plan is part of the Climate Coalition’s campaign for the government to deliver an economic recovery that sets us on a path to a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone.

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