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Caroline Harmon, Operation Noah’s Communications Officer, takes a listen to new worship album, Doxecology.

In a world where the environmental message is growing in volume and urgency, there is a distinct paucity of songs that reflect a coherent biblical theology of creation, or of our place as humans within it. Put simply, there are not enough songs that say, ‘We love you, God, and we love your world. – Introduction, Doxecology Study Guide

If you’ve ever found yourself standing in a church service on a Sunday morning (or sitting on your sofa watching an online service) and despaired at the lack of reference to creation care in the worship, or indeed any part of the service, then Doxecology is the album for you.

Two years in the making, Resound Worship has gone on an international search to find 13 songs which aim to bring together doxology (praise) and ecology and the results don’t disappoint. The album includes a range of songs suitable for use in our churches, from the uplifting God of immeasurable might and We are the tenants of the King through to laments such as Hear the Song of our Lament.

Where Doxecology really comes into its own is all the extra materials that accompany it. As well as everything you need to use the songs in your own church (scores, backing tracks, videos demonstrating how to use the songs with limited instruments) there is also a Study Guide for use with small groups and by individuals. It features an impressive list of contributors, including Jack Wakefield from Tearfund, Dave Bookless of ARocha International and Jeremy Williams of Christian Climate Action. The guide even includes three service plans with prayers, poems, all-age activities, song suggestions, videos and more. Perfect if you’re planning a Climate Sunday for your church.

Operation Noah even gets a mention. One of the songs on the album, Tenants of the King, was inspired by Operation Noah’s small group study guide of the same name!

Doxecology and accompanying resources are available from Resound Worship

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