Watch again: our webinar on ‘The Global Church & The Fossil Fuelled Five’

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Date posted: 6 June 2022

If you missed our 31 May 2022 webinar on The Global Church & The Fossil Fuelled Five or would like to see it again, don’t worry – you can watch it here.

Our panellists looked at five wealthy countries (the US, UK, Australia, Norway and Canada) with a particularly large gap between their green rhetoric and their plans to increase fossil fuel production. They also gave suggestions as to how the global church should respond. Some reflections from our panellists:

Regarding the increasing numbers of climate disasters we’re now seeing, Bill McKibben, award-winning journalist and the co-founder of, said: ‘None of it is unexpected; all of it is brutal…We need to be moving very fast and on an enormous scale because we are very far behind.’

Revd Dr Rachel Mash of Green Anglicans shared some of the ways in which fossil fuel companies have harmed communities around the African continent. Yet, alternatively, green investment would help local communities rather than destabilise them. ‘More jobs would be created by renewable energy projects; massive investment is needed,’ she said.

Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director at and Chair of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, talked about the need for governments to stop throwing fuel on the fire of the climate crisis. She said, ‘At this moment in history, we need bold and immediate action.’

Pastor Ray Minniecon, Executive Member of the Indigenous Peoples’ Organization and Australian indigenous pastor, said, ‘We’ve looked after our country for the past 60,000 years in collaboration with our Creator. We looked after the land, and the land looked after us…now we’ve broken our connection with our Creator.’

Watch the entire webinar here, with additional reflections from our Bright Now Campaign Director James Buchanan, Revd Abby Mohaupt (Director of Education and Training at Greenfaith) and Revd Henrik Grape (World Council of Churches).

Those who joined our webinar were encouraged to join our next Global Divestment Announcement, which will be held on 5 July 2022, as well as to support the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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