We’ve updated our ‘Tenants of the King’ Bible study on the environment

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Date posted: 28 October 2022

Since launching Tenants of the King in 2018 – our four-part study guide on what the Bible has to say about caring for the environment – the climate and ecological crisis has become even more urgent. That’s why we’ve recently updated Tenants, both to reflect this deepening crisis, and also to highlight the opportunities for missional activity as Christians engage with environmental issues.

Over the last four years, hundreds of people have studied the Bible using Tenants of the King and now have a better understanding of God’s calling on Christians to respond with faith, hope and love to the environmental challenges we face.

And there is still a great deal of interest in this resource, which is why we wanted to improve it and re-release it before the start of COP27, the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt.

Find out more about Tenants and order a PDF or or printed booklets here.

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