New book: A Light for the Pathway

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Operation Noah Patron, Bishop David Atkinson, has written a new book exploring the Psalms.

What did the Psalmists of Israel believe? How did they practice their religion? What impact did their faith in God had on the way they handled the struggles and uncertainties of life? How does this speak to us today?

A Light for the Pathway explores some themes which underlie the faith of the psalmists; for example, covenant, creation, law, justice, humanity, suffering, lament, restoration and pilgrimage. Holding these together is the overarching theme of God’s steadfast love throughout their history. The psalms are prayers and praises, often used in temple worships, some intimate and personal, many corporate and full of thanksgiving. Some are celebrations of the kingly rule of God over all creation. How do we Christians today approach this ancient hymn book, which is full of poetic imagination and deep spirituality? How can it help our own journeys on our pathways of faith and hope? This side of the life and death and resurrection of Jesus, can we hear in the psalms words of comfort for our struggles of faith, as well as joy in our worship, in today’s confusing world?

Bishop David Atkinson, former Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, is a retired Church of England bishop and a patron of Operation Noah. He is the author of several books, including Renewing the Face of the Earth: a theological and pastoral response to Climate Change.

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