Operation Noah backs call for decarbonisation target in Energy Bill

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Date posted: 25 February 2013

Press release, 25 February 2013: Today, many NGOs, faith groups and organisations have issued the following joint statement calling on the Government to commit the UK to a near carbon free power sector by 2030.

Text of the statement

‘The Energy Bill represents a major opportunity to put the UK firmly on track to becoming a world leading low-carbon economy, boost employment and show genuine leadership in the fight against dangerous climate change.

Our organisations jointly call on Members of Parliament to seize this unique opportunity to commit the UK in the Energy Bill to have a near carbon free power sector by 2030 in line with the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change.

We represent different parts of society but are united in the belief that a low-carbon power sector is essential to secure the future wellbeing of our economy, our environment and future generations.’

The Energy Bill is currently going through parliament and an amendment to include a decarbonisation target during the report stage in early March was put forward by Tim Yeo MP and Barry Gardner MP last week. This amendment is backed by many MPs as well as businesses. A decarbonisation target would help to ensure longer-term investment in low-carbon electricity generation, create many more green jobs and help the UK to meet its commitments set out in the Climate Change Act to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Operation Noah, a Christian charity working on climate change, has already written to the Government concerning the Energy Bill, and is now adding its name in support of this amendment. Dr Isabel Carter, Chair of Operation Noah, comments: “Just as the UK led the development of the industrial revolution, so we have a historical and ethical rationale to lead the way forward into a carbon free power sector by 2030.”

We are calling on Christians and churchgoers to write to their MPs to support this amendment. Now is a crucial time to reform UK energy policy to ensure a low-carbon and sustainable future.


Energy Bill Joint Statement

Statement as it appeared in the Telegraph

The statement as it appeared in the Telegraph

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