Pilgrimage to Paris: reflections from Operation Noah’s pilgrims

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Date posted: 8 December 2015

In the run-up to the 2015 UN climate talks (COP21), pilgrims from around the world were walking to Paris as an act of solidarity with those most affected by climate change.

Pilgrims in the UK walked from London, and Operation Noah board members Jean Leston and Giles Goddard were among them. These are their personal reflections from the Pilgrimage to Paris.

From the Pilgrimage2Paris blog

Day 4 – The Laughter of Owls: Giles writes on the Pilgrimage2Paris blog on hospitality, hope and the pilgrims’ reaction to the news from Paris.

Day 6 – Two Pilgrims On The Road: Jean reflects on walking and talking – the kindness of strangers who help us all on our Christian journey, and the wisdom of pilgrims on the road.

Jean’s video diaries

Watch all the videos in the playlist here, or click on the links below to view individual videos on YouTube.

Day 1: pilgrim packing

Day 2: the big send-off

Day 3: praying for Paris

Day 4: the Jesus prayer

Day 5: come wind, come weather

Day 6: in France!

Day 7: a special prayer of solace

Day 8: not having to look at your feet

Day 9: guests on the Earth, hosts to others

Day 10: church unity and blessing

Day 11: the longest, toughest day

Day 12: pilgrims at play

Day 13: welcoming the stranger

Day 14: feeling uplifted

Day 15: arrival in Paris

Day 16: pilgrims together

Day 17: final reflections

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