Press release: Ash Wednesday Declaration bears fruit on Good Friday

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Date posted: 31 March 2015

Twenty Anglican bishops have just released a statement entitled The World is our Host for Good Friday, which calls Churches to urgent prayer and action for climate justice and ‘sets a new agenda on climate change for the 85 million-strong Anglican Communion.’ Operation Noah welcomes this strong and positive statement, with its clear emphasis on the need for practical and prayerful action by Christians everywhere.

The Bishops met in South Africa in February, hosted by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, to plan their report. Their statement notes the scientific basis for action and urges the Church to urgently find its collective moral voice. They note that, ‘God committed the care of creation to us, God’s children but we have been care-less. Therefore climate justice for us as Christians demands a faith response.’

Revd Chris Halliwell, co vice-chair of Operation Noah, says, ‘The release of this statement on Good Friday 2015 reinforces an earlier call to Christians issued by Operation Noah in 2012 under the title Climate change and the purposes of God: a call to the Church, also known as the Ash Wednesday Declaration. The Declaration encourages Christians to engage prayerfully and practically with some of the key issues of climate change, including a call to seek justice and to act with hope.’

‘Three years ago, church leaders from all the major Christian denominations in the United Kingdom personally supported the Ash Wednesday Declaration. This week, in The World Is Our Host, these twenty Anglican bishops have brought timely and personal reminders that climate change is an issue of global justice that demands practical and prayerful Christian responses.’

‘The Good Friday and Easter narrative unites Christians everywhere in the Lord Jesus who embraces the tragedy, pain and suffering of the whole of creation and brings hope, transformation and reconciliation to all through the power and love of the resurrection. It is with a deep conviction of the hope that Christ sets before us that Christians are empowered to engage with the pain of the present.’

Given the crucial climate talks in Paris this December, Operation Noah longs for a powerful, hope-filled agreement to result. We trust that the collective prayers and actions of people all around the world will bring pressure on world leaders and will result in a climate agreement that protects all our futures.

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