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‘Climate change and the purposes of God’ theology resources

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We have compiled some theological resources and background papers to support ‘Climate change and the purposes of God’. We hope they will be of use to preachers and teachers in churches, to lecturers and students in theological colleges, and to RE teachers in church schools.

Some are scholarly papers, some extracts from published work (used by permission), some notes for Bible studies for sermon preparation or group meetings. Our hope is that this document will encourage and inspire the Church to affirm with confidence that care for God’s creation is not an optional extra, but is foundational to the Gospel and a key dimension of the Church’s mission.

The resources are themed under the seven headings in ‘Climate change and the purposes of God’:

Find joy in creation

Notes on Job 38–39: a reflection by John Bimson

‘O worship the King’: a meditation on Psalm 104

Find joy in creation: a reflection by David Atkinson

Consider the lilies of the field: a paper by Professor Mary Grey


Listen to the prophets! An outline of basic science concerning human-induced climate change

‘Troubled waters’: a paper by Professor Mary Grey


Damage to creation: a Bible study

Take responsibility

A meditation on Psalm 8

Natural interrelationships: a Bible study

Advocacy and action: a Bible study

Seek justice

Justice and human flourishing: a Bible study

Some perspectives on economic justice

‘Justice: allegiance to the covenant Lord’: a chapter from David Atkinson

Love our neighbours

Caring for our neighbours: a Bible study

Act with hope

‘Redemption: Covenant Hope’: a chapter from David Atkinson, Renewing the Face of the Earth

Future promises: a Bible study

‘Creation Renewed and Patient Hope’ : a book extract by Tom Wright

‘Visions of the End? Revelation and Climate Change’ by the Revd Professor Timothy Gorringe

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