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Bible study: advocacy and action

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A Bible study on advocacy and action, based on Luke 12:35-48 and Isaiah 52:7-10.

Read Luke 12:35-48

This parable of the watchful servant is a familiar one. However, as you read it through, widen the responsibility of the servant, not just to preparing food and waiting on his master, but to caring for his property. If our master is God, then His property extends to the whole of creation, which he has given to us in stewardship (Genesis 1: 26-30).

  • How are we caring for God’s property – his wonderful and varied creation – as we wait for his glorious return?
  • Do we know, as servants, what we should be doing to prepare for the second coming – both from a spiritual but also from a practical point of view?
  • Many Christian evangelicals in the USA have believed that it is not a priority for Christians to care for the environment because the less we do, the sooner will be the end of the world and the glorious second coming of the Lord. How do we respond to this philosophy?
  • Are we delaying action in caring for God’s creation? Do we justify buying this particular car, flying off on this ‘special’ holiday, planning to do some better insulation when we have more time or money?
  • Living in the west, life for many of us is relatively comfortable, compared with people in other countries. Much has indeed been given to many of us (verse 48). How much is God asking of us?

Read Isaiah 52:7-10

  • How does verse 7 in this passage describe those people who seek to bring good news and peace?
  • This passage describes such people as coming on foot. Often the walk to bring about good news and salvation is a long, hard one. How can we share in this walk to bring hope and good news?
  • Who keeps watch in our society for good leaders? Can we play more of a part in this?
  • Do we have leaders like this who give people hope and encouragement? Are they political or religious leaders?
  • Who do we look to for leadership regarding climate change?
  • Does verse 10 give us hope for the future? Is our church playing a role in bringing this about?

Taking action

What can we do to stand alongside people, generally in other countries, who are suffering most from the impact of climate change?

How can we put effective pressure on our leaders – both religious and political – to encourage them to take a more effective stand on climate change?

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