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Bible study: Consider the lilies of the field

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Consider the Lilies of the Field: Reading Luke’s Gospel and Saving the Planet. A paper by Professor Mary Grey.

Consider the lilies: these flowers that look to us like anemones, are from the grounds of Tantur Ecumenical Institute, outside Jerusalem, near the Bethlehem checkpoint. What matters is not whether they are in truth the Biblical lilies (they are thought to be): they are flowers of beauty, springing up every year in the early awakening of spring with a vibrant splash of colour. Jesus in the Gospels of both Luke and Matthew singles them out, and other Scriptural writers are lyrical in wondering at lilies, roses of Sharon, olives, fruit trees and cedars of Lebanon. All are appreciated and valued as part of a diversity of myriad forms of life of Divine creation. Living forms of the life-giving sustenance and presence of God. But why “Consider the Lilies” in this time of crisis of climate change? Indeed, why consult Scripture at all? Surely science and effective legislation are what is needed?

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