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Bible study: Creation renewed and patient hope

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A reflection on Romans 8. 18 – 25 by Tom Wright, reprinted with permission from Paul for Everyone: Part 1 Romans 1 – 8 (SPCK 2004)

This is a section of Paul for Everyone: Romans Part 1: chapters 1 – 8, published by SPCK (2004), pp. 148 – 153, and reproduced with permission. See also Tom Wright Surprised by Hope SPCK (2007).

“v18. This is how I work it out. The sufferings we go through in the present time are not worth putting in the scale alongside the glory that is going to be unveiled for us. 19. Yes: creation itself is on tiptoe with expectation, eagerly awaiting the moment when God’s children will be revealed. 20. Creation, you see, was subjected to pointless

futility, not of its own volition, but because of the one who placed it in this subjection, in the hope (21) that creation itself would be freed from its slavery to decay, to enjoy the freedom that comes when God’s children are glorified.”

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