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Bible study: Troubled waters

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Troubled waters – Becoming ecologically awakened to the sacred earth and the implications for how we live. A paper by Professor Mary Grey.

Each morning at home I wake to the sound of running water, sometimes bubbling along, some times simply flowing noiselessly. This is the River Test, a pure chalk stream coming from the hills and flowing into Southampton Water. Weeping willows bend their branches gracefully into the stream; numerous ducks, swans and pigeons delight in their watery home, and, in season, fish leap dramatically into the air. What is more, the waters never seem to run dry, even in a hot summer. We have a well – as do many cottages in the street – that descends deep, almost to river level, so are protected from the fear that we will suffer from the drought that threatens and is indeed the reality in many parts of the world. Water here is daily grace and, gift and beauty.

Cross to the southern hemisphere to the desert state of Rajasthan, NW India, and face the contrast. The scarcity of water cries out for a different symbolism.

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