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If you are running an event on climate change for your church or community group, here are some brief two-page summaries to provide useful facts, figures and analyses of a variety of issues to help you prepare.

Climate Justice briefing

We can’t talk about climate change without understanding the implications for humanity and the planet as a whole – as a matter of justice. This briefing discusses this issues and provides further resources.

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Politics briefing

An overview of why politics matters, key UK climate policy, international climate negotiations and the role of civil society and the Christian community.

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Dealing with climate sceptics briefing

Some insights on climate scepticism and how to deal with sceptics when talking about climate change.

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Social change briefing

Previous attempts to communicate climate change fell flat when audiences did not respond as hoped. This briefing tries to analyse why we failed, and outlines new thinking on the process of changing values.

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Culture briefing

Why does our culture find it so hard to get a grip on climate change? Summary to help avoid pitfalls and be aware of contradictions.

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Economics briefing

‘Follow the money’. Summary sketching the bigger picture and to prepare for questions people may ask about self-interest and the money motive.

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