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How to reclaim Christmas in your community

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Operation Noah’s Reclaim Christmas campaign is aimed at finding an alternative to the usual commercialised Christmas. Here are some ideas for rediscovering the joy of the season without excessive consumption.

Waste and consumption

  • Advent was traditionally a season of penitence, so at a local landfill site or recycling centre, gather together for a short service of reflection on how we are running up ecological debts.
  • You can bring shopping receipts, credit card statements and other symbols – burn them in a brazier!

In Church

  • Encourage pilgrims to walk or travel by public transport.
  • Stage a performance of the Operation Noah Advent drama A Present for the Future with local children.
  • Build your service around the beautiful Canticle of Daniel … or the wonderful Psalm 148, the so-called ‘canticle of creatures’.
  • You can find masses of useful hymns and prayers at for a ‘Creation Praise’ service.

On the streets

  • Run a ‘Green Give Away’ on the streets. Scour your attics and cupboards and GIVE! This is not an excuse for dumping your junk, but a chance to help others. Look for gifts that a total stranger would find a real surprise.
  • Maybe you can also help out charity shops? Other families with less than yourself? Those toys that never get played with?
  • Reclaim Christmas and do a big inventory on your possessions. And then do all this with others – surprise the world!

In your homes

  • Spend time with your family and friends MAKING your own presents at Craft Christmas Parties. It’s more personal to give a gift you have made yourself, you can have fun being creative with those around you and it will help out with your finances. ‘Spend Like There Is a Tomorrow’. You don’t have to be a genius to make simple presents… The Buy Nothing Christmas website has many ideas of alternative presents that are homemade and thoughtful.

Let this be the year that you Reclaim Christmas!

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