Operation Noah in 2021

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We’ve made it to 2021! We’re still living in a time of great uncertainty, but we also have hope. In November, leaders from across the world will meet in Glasgow for COP26 and have the opportunity to take the urgent action we need to tackle the climate crisis. Before that, in June, the G7 will meet in Cornwall to discuss a number of issues, including the climate crisis.

Operation Noah’s work this year aims to make sure that our leaders make the most of these opportunities. So what’s coming up at Operation Noah in 2021 and how can you get involved?

Climate Sunday

In the lead-up to COP26 we’re encouraging all churches to hold a Climate Sunday service. This is an opportunity to hold a service exploring the theological and scientific basis of creation care, to commit as a local church to take action, and to call on other churches and wider society to push our government to take bold action in advance of COP26. 

Tenants of the King update

Last year, churches and individuals bought more than 600 copies of our four-session Bible study resource in the lead-up to Lent. This study series is designed to help you and your church consider what the Bible has to say about the climate crisis. We’re currently working on an update to the final session of the study and it will be ready in time for Lent 2021. We’re also going to make all the resources you need for the study downloadable, so you don’t have to wait for us to post them out to you (although the postable version will still be available if you’d prefer it). Lent begins on Wednesday 17 February, so start making plans now to be sure you’re ready to run Tenants of the King in your church. If you’d like the updated version please ensure you are signed up for our monthly newsletters to be informed when it is available.

Global divestment announcements

Divesting from fossils fuels is powerful both as a practical and prophetic step as we approach COP26. It takes money away from the fossil fuel industry while also moving us towards the future we want to live in. In the last few years dozens of churches and Christian organisations across the UK, and many more across the world, have committed to divest from fossil fuels. As part of our Bright Now campaign, we’re planning at least two Global Divestment Announcements this year, likely to be in May and early autumn. If your church would like to make a divestment commitment as part of these announcements, please get in touch.

Climate Emergency Toolkit

We’re encouraging churches to make use of this great resource from Tearfund which helps churches to declare a Climate Emergency and then take simple but powerful actions that have an impact beyond your own walls or community. This is a great way to show leadership on the climate crisis in the lead-up to COP26. We’d love to hear from anyone who makes use of it.

Pray and Fast for the Climate

Prayer fuels our action to care for creation. Why not join in with Pray and Fast for the Climate this year. Operation Noah was involved in setting up this initiative and it provides prayer points every month to help guide your prayers.

Show the Love prayers

Green Christian has a number of prayers especially written for The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign in February. Why not choose one to be read at your church’s service on Sunday 14 February?

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