Who we are

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Operation Noah was set up in 2004 to provide a Christian response to the climate crisis. We work with all Christian denominations and support interfaith work on climate change. Our work is informed by the latest science on climate change, its causes, impacts and solutions. The sense of urgency we feel because of the science is balanced by our faith in God and our hope in his future for our world.  We are faith-motivated, science-informed and hope-inspired.

Our vision

Our vision is for a world:

  • where care and restoration of creation is at the heart of Christian teaching and practice;
  • where the balance between the needs of human beings and the climate system is restored; and
  • where the energy needs of all people, in every part of the world, can be met safely, affordably and cleanly without changing or destabilising the atmosphere or the oceans.

Our mission

We are:


Operation Noah believes that the likelihood of runaway global warming raises questions that go to the heart of our Christian faith.

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Science is crucial to an informed faith and the science tells us that we are not acting fast enough to move away from dependence on fossil fuels. Because of feedback processes that threaten to exacerbate the rate of climate change, delay is tantamount to doing nothing.

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While facing up to the serious effects of global warming, despair is not an option for Christians. We are called to faith and action in a trusting response to God. Despite the dangers that threaten us, as Christians we are called to live in hope: hope in God’s gracious intentions for us and for all creation.

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